New Year, New Improved, New Embroidery...ummm...New...

Happy New Year Friends!

What did everyone do for New Year’s Eve? What did I do you say?! Well, first I opened a bottle of wine, then I jumped on a rocket-ship which took me to superman’s palace where we partied with my cat Nigel and Swamp Thing, Then I was really tiny and running away from reindeer droppings and THEN I woke up because I was in bed and asleep by 9pm New Year’s Eve… It’s not because I’m boring - jerk, it’s part of my do nice things to myself effort and one of those nice things is not waking up with hangovers and wondering if being alive is worth this pain.

And so, in the spirit of nice things, I thought I’d give you guys who are interested a run-down of some of the fun and not so fun – but still good things The Monsters Lounge will be taking on in 2017.

I’ll keep it brief but if you have any questions or suggestions then comment below or just hit me up with an email.



Year Round Floral Name Hoops

Starting with something good! I’ll be opening up the small and medium Floral Name hoops so that they’re available without having to book yourself a custom slot. I loved doing these and have missed them terribly since I’ve been so focused on larger pieces. As they’re pretty small, the most you’ll have to wait for one is two weeks so I figured what the hell. Here’s a link to the medium listing with some example pictures.


Reduced Custom Houses & Floral Quotes

Something less good - although my fingers don’t agree! Unfortunately I need to reduce the amount of custom house and quote orders I take. I know, it sucks because I had already reduced the amount I was taking. It may seem counter intuitive since they are my most popular items but I have genuinely been struggling. I'm incapable of reducing the amount of detail that I put into each one so I have had a hard time, this past year getting them out to you on time.

I hope you’ll find this a positive thing because it means that I will be devoting all of my resources and attention to making your house or quote look as beautiful and gorgeous as possible. This might even lead so some of the best work since we’ll have more time to play around with ideas.

I’ll be taking one a month for the next 5 months on a first come first serve basis. I’ll be on vacation in May (more on that later) then I’ll open up slots for the rest of the year. Booking the slot will be the same as last year – I’ll put the listing up and let you know. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter for a little discount!



After that downer, some excellent news. Although no, I won’t be able to make as many beautiful embroidered houses as I would like to…maybe you can!

For the next few months I’ll be working on an e-book which will outline for you crafty stitchers, all of the processes, sneaky tricks and suggested embellishments to make your very own embroidered house. I’ve been making notes over the past year of all the different techniques that go into building these homes and I’m really excited to have come to a point where I can share that with you. So if you’re feeling ambitious, want a new project or a lovely sentimental handmade gift to give stay tuned!



Speaking of patterns, in January and February I’ll be furiously designing and listing a bunch of new patterns to the Etsy shop. To include but not limited to those sweet little floral monograms, the tap pattern and that paint-can rainbow that spills off the hoop. These are perfect projects if you have (and I know you do) mason jars filled with left over thread that you can’t bear to throw out.



And if you are in need of embroidery supplies for those new patterns, I’ll also be adding a bunch of items to the supply section of my etsy store. Starting off, I'll be adding glow in the dark thread and some thread savers.