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Personalized Pattern of your home!

Want to stitch your home but are intimidated by designing your own pattern? Have the pattern professionally designed for you instead. 

Using images provided by you, embroidery artist and author of Hand-Stitched House will work with you to create an embroidery pattern of your home including all the charming elements that makes your home a home. Read on for more details...

Confident enough to design it yourself but want some creative inspiration? Get the full guide to DIY here:


After you order, you will receive a message requesting the images of your home. The more images the better! You will also be asked for any special details or wording that are important to include. 

Personalized to you! The final pattern will not only take into account the details you want, but will also be personalized to your embroidery skill level. Beginners will receive a simple pattern with no overwhelming details and easy to make stitches. Advance stitchers will receive a pattern including more advanced stitches and more creative options.

You will receive a downloadable PDF of your house plus a reversed pattern which can be used with some fabric transfer methods


Once you have ordered, you will receive a confirmation message within 48 hours. This message will request photos of your home to start the design process. You will also have the opportunity to confirm the wording you would like to have embroidered below your house (if any) and any special details you would like to be included.

Design time will take a week to 10 days depending on your choice, and you'll have an option for one set of changes. You will receive one draft of your pattern first to make sure we're on the right track. Once I receive your feedback I will make any final changes you request. This will be your only chance to make changes so make sure you communicate what you'd like to see.

The final pattern will be sized for US Letter sized paper for easy printing. PDF's can be resized if you require your pattern to be smaller or larger.

The PDF pattern will be of the facade of the house with a small portion of the yard or garden. No large items except for trees and bushes will be embroidered (e.g. cars, trailers, spaceships).

This is for personal use only.

Pattern Design: Custom House Portrait

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