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A bright and sweet floral embroidery pattern of a 3 dimensional fluffy dandelion.  Turn this into a lovely piece of wall art to bring back memories of summer or a gift to the gardener in your life.  A great pattern for intermediate level stitchers but don't be put off if your are a beginner; this pattern comes with detailed instructions for all steps and stitches.  All you need is a little time and ambition.  


Final design is 4 x 4 inches for the dandelion and roots and 3 x 3 inches for the seed hoop.


With this pattern you will not only have the embroidery instructions but a full and illustrated guide to making your own dandelion.  This download includes:


•    A full sized pattern

•    Step by step clear instructions

•    A list of materials you need

•    How to set up your hoop

•    Design transfer suggestions

•    A stitch guide with links to video demonstrations 

•    Backing suggestions

•    Troubleshooting section

•    and more!


Start embroidering straight away with the instant download of this pdf pattern (nothing will physically be sent to you).  You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this file. If you do not already have this software, it can be downloaded for free on the website.


This pattern is for personal use only. Copyright is not transferred through purchase. It may not be distributed.


Original design by Theresa Lawson textile artist Seattle, WA






If you could see my face, you would see a huge smile on it.  That's because this year is the first year that face is not sneezing, sniffling and streaming with hayfever!    I won't go into too much detail but a forced change of diet had some unexpected positive changes.  One of which was that I can leave the house from May to September without a hazmat suit and 12 types of allergy pills.


I've been skipping up blossom tree lined streets, prancing through meadows, deep sniffing bee filled lavender bushes (that was a mistake; bees don't like that).


I can finally pick dandelions and make a wish!


On my new adventures I've been bringing some embroideries with me to stitch while I'm discovering this new world.  It didn't occur to me until chatting with the mother, she mentioned it would be the perfect opportunity to stitch my dandelion pattern.  Ahh mothers, they always know best...mostly.


And this is the perfect pattern to take outside, lots of meditative relaxing stitches.  Use it to make pretty wall art for your garden room or bring back memories of those dandelion wishes or a gift to cheer up your own hayfever sufferer!


Although I'd say this is a pattern for intermediate stitchers because it uses some unusual techniques, if you're ambitious and have a bit of time, there is no reason a beginning embroiderer cannot make this.  Go for it.


Have this pattern in your hands instantly with instant download. Just add this item to your cart, purchase and the pattern will be emailed to you within minutes.


Please don’t be cheeky and use this pattern commercially.  This is for personal use only.

3D Dandelion Embroidery Pattern

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